Special offer for senior front-end developers!


We are seeking a couple of web standards-passionate front-end developers in Kaunas, Lithuania. Looking for a short to long-term relationship (contract to hire).

For this role you must live and breathe HTML/CSS/JavaScript. We’re not just looking for someone who can write HTML. This is about web standards, making the web a better place, and being passionate about user experiences.

It is also beneficial if you have some basic design / UX knowledge as the position is tied closely to a creative team which will supply all the designs for you to code up.


• Cut up Photoshop and Illustrator design files;
• Implement designs via HTML5, CSS3, etc.
• Work with creative team to fill in gaps;
• Create working prototypes for clients and be able to walk through them;
• Work closely with the development team and provide UI assistance.


• Good knowledge of HTML5, semantic markup, web standards, CSS2/CSS3;
• Able to create gracefully degrading markup that will work across multiple browsers and platforms;
• Comfortable writing JavaScript from scratch (not just including jQuery plugins on the page);
• Working knowledge of Adobe CS to cut illustrator/photoshop files into web ready graphics;
• Rudimentary design skills are a plus;
• Working knowledge of a CSS preprocessor (SASS) is a plus;
• Working knowledge of JavaScript module systems (RequireJS, AngularJS) is a plus;
• Good spoken and written Lithuanian and English.


• A development focused international company with variety of challenging and compelling projects;
• Opportunity to grow in informal style of communication and management environment that is constantly looking for great team players and leaders to take;
• A chance to work with the top talent professionals;
• Option to work in Stockholm office for one month per year;
• Participation in professional improvement seminars;
• Competitive salary and performance based bonuses;
• Team building events;
• Employee referral program.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • NPM
  • GIT
  • jQUERY

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